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Honoring the Divine in your dog

We are suddenly living in an environment of invisible radiation coming at us from cell towers and satellites. Some of us are more sensitive than others.


Last year I lived in a location that caused me to research the effects of 5G and other harmful electromagnetic / radiation frequencies. I discovered that I am one of those people who are super sensitive to these frequencies. When I did my research I found that the energetic drain in my brain and eyes was a real situation brought on by the over 200 cell towers and the 5G in the stop lights that were within a 2 mile radius of my location.

After interviewing many experts on the subject of EMF shielding I begin to protect my self but found nothing for my beloved dog. 

If you would like to search the EMF situation of your location check out this sites:

This also caused me to purchase a meter to measure the amount of radiation that exists in the area. Search for a Trifield meter.


Now my dog is more sensitive than me. This is one of the endearing aspects of owning a dog. They seem to know and feel danger before us. We count on this.


If my brain, eyes and energy levels were being affected, there is no question that my dog is affected even more. 


This is the story of how DoginiGodini was born. 


Protection for your beloved dog! 

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