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Honoring the Divine in your dog

Baby Shekinah

During the epic Mayan event on Dec.21,2012 I sat around a large fire on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. 


 I prayed for all of the animal kingdoms to receive the love and protection they deserve. 


When I came out of this deep process I saw that my friend's dog had been sitting on my legs. I had not even noticed!


She was helping me. She sat facing the fire and from behind she looked like a sphinx. 


Her name was Xolo, and she was a Xoloscuintle. This special breed from South America is called, 'the first dog'. It is a hairless breed that was kept by the former Mayan and Aztec emperors. They were kept for guard dogs and as bed warmers because they are warm blooded and do not have body hair, so do not smell or shed. They are extremely smart. 

Six months later, I received a call from my friend who had Xolo and he told me she had babies, and there was one very special puppy that he believed was meant for me. 

Given the unusual and sacred event that I had experienced with the mother, and the common fact, that the dog that is meant for you comes to you, I flew to Tulum to meet this puppy.

It became immediately apparent that this puppy was something special. 

Welcome Shekinah Ocho. 


Shekinah is now 8 years old and has lived between Tulum, Whistler, Mexico City. I call her my Pleidien Superhero! 


I have never been able to find fun sexy inspiring clothes for her. Also I wanted to protect her from the new world of the high EMF environment.


I am a yogini and vedic astrologer and wanted to create a line of clothes that fit in with my wardrobe! I am sure there are other yogis and yoginis with dogs who will enjoy this unique concept.


Thus the birth of DoginiGodini, " Honoring the Divine in your dog".




Your dog has a birth chart just like you! 


My main profession is Vedic Astrology, so I could not help but offer this option to those of you who may be interested. 

This will be a 30 minute online reading.

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