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Downward Dog Bamboo T shirt Large

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Have your beloved companion match your own yoga outfits!

High quality organic bamboo stretch fabric with EMF lined protection in the hood for when you are in those high intensity zones.

Long back to cover your dog's backside.

This is my personal passion project and I have chosen to stay with the busy Mexican seamstress in Tulum who helped me create this concept. By supporting her we also fill what is called in sanskrit, "seva", or charity.
Gabriela is well known in Tulum as one who works with young international design entrepreneurs who have created a certain fashion statement that is worn around here! It's the yoga crowd!
We are not producing en bulk as this is a very niche collectible. We keep a small inventory but it may be necessary to wait for a month for Graciela to sew & ship it.
This project has taken a few years to come to this point and along the way I have gifted it many of my friends who have dogs. They love it as do I.
If you would like a bespoke size please send a private message and we would be happy to produce for you!
Stefania & Shekinah
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Downward Dog Bamboo T shirt Large
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